Ensuite Renovation - Stellar Bathrooms
Add value to your home with an ensuite that fits your style and works with your space.
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A new ensuite makes your home feel that touch more liveable. A space that’s just for you. We’ll add value to your home that you can enjoy right now.

New Ensuites

No more shuffling out to a shared bathroom in those cold Canberra winters. Your new ensuite’s design flows from your bedroom perfectly and expresses your unique style.

If you do decide to sell, a modern ensuite is one of the most attractive features for higher-end buyers.

When we create your new ensuite, we talk to you, and suggest smart ways to make space for an ensuite. We’ll tackle the technical challenges for you. Bringing in new plumbing, wiring and insulation. Adding ventilation. With a licensed builder and tiler on our team, we’re up to any challenge.

Renovating ensuites

If your ensuite is drab and tired, let us know. We do everything from light makeovers, to stripping your ensuite back and creating something new.

Why choose us

  • No job is too hard; no space too tight.
  • Full waterproofing to stop leaks, and protect the structure of your home.
  • Advice on your design for a workable space.