HOW WE WORK - Stellar Bathrooms
From the first meeting we will keep you informed of the process until your bathroom is ready to hand over for you to enjoy.
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We will keep you updated, every step of the way,

as your bathroom takes shape.

Bathroom renovation process

1. Free bathroom consultation
at your home

Matt or Grant will visit and take the time to find out what you need. We’ll also look at your space, get your ideas, and plan how to make it happen. We can always find a solution — even if you want to completely reroute the plumbing, or add a new ensuite.


Ask us anything. You’re the experts in what you need. And if you think of another question after we’ve left, just give us a call.

2. Complete quote for your

When you’ve decided what you want, Lisa will put together a detailed quote. With us, what you see is what you pay.


You’ll also find that our inclusions list is realistic. The fittings and tiles that we’ve included will give you a quality bathroom, but also allow room if you want to upscale any features.

3. Preparing the site

This is where the action starts. In just one or two days, we’ll strip out your old bathroom to create a clean slate.


We know you’ll be living in your house while all this is going on, so we’ll keep noise and dust to a minimum, and tell you when our tradespeople will arrive.


And we do the job safely. If there’s any asbestos in your bathroom, our qualified removalists will remove and dispose of it in line with regulations.

4. Laying the foundations
for your bathroom

This is also referred to as the ‘rough in’ stage. All the structural, plumbing and electrical work happens in this stage, as well as the waterproofing. These are the things you won’t see once the job is complete, but want to know is done right.

5. Laying the tiles

This is when you’ll really see your bathroom taking shape. The tiles you’ve chosen will flow beautifully, even with wall recesses and feature tiles. We plan the whole job before we even lay one tile. We’re not satisfied with anything less than a perfect finish.

6. Installing the fittings

Once tiling is complete, all of the taps, lights and other fittings will go in. From towel rails to doorstops, everything is placed exactly to your plan.

7. The final polish

Matt or Grant will check over every detail, and polish all the surfaces, making sure the job is completed to the quality you expect.


We give a 12-month guarantee on all our workmanship. You’ll also receive certificates as needed for electrical, plumbing, water-proofing and asbestos removal. This confirms that our work meets industry standards, and gives you peace of mind.