Laundry Renovation - Stellar Bathrooms
Transform your laundry into a functional, modern space that reflects your style.
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Imagine a laundry that’s easy to use, and looks good. That’s what we’ll create for you.

So many people come to us with a laundry under stress. The space is crammed with appliances. Electrical cords tangle everywhere, unsightly and unsafe. Storage is tight. Even simple domestic tasks are harder than they need to be. The result? You just want to close the door on your laundry.

Your laundry doesn’t have to be the forgotten room.

Nothing is too hard for us. We have the skills and creativity to solve any laundry challenge. With a licensed builder on our team, we’ll come up with smart storage solutions.

You’ll see a laundry with everything in the right place. A laundry that suits your style.

Why choose us

  • Advice on how you get maximum use from your space.
  • Full waterproofing that meets Australian standards.
  • Plumbing updated and re-routed wherever you want it to go.
  • Structural work managed by a licensed builder.