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Expert Answers to All Your Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry Renovation Questions in Canberra

Home renovations are significant improvement projects that require careful planning and thought. So, if you’re considering ensuite, laundry, and bathroom renovation Canberra and need clarification about where and how to start, we’ve got you covered! In this section, we’re featuring the answers to the most common questions homeowners ask us.



How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

Average bathroom renovation costs have seen an increase to an average of $26 000 since Covid, however, those costs have now plateaued as highlighted by Thomas Devitt, senior economist at the Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA). The cost varies across project requirements, bathroom type, site conditions, and other considerations.

For example, a basic renovation project can cost between A$16,000 and A$30,000, while high-end bathroom units require a higher budget of at least A$50,000. We have more information about understanding the costs of renovating a budget in this article.

Stellar Bathrooms recognise homeowner budgetary constraints. That’s why we always work with our clients to create the best possible deal, producing the highest bathroom renovation quality outcomes without straining your family’s financial resources.


How to fix the leak in my bathroom?

The first step to fixing bathroom leaks is determining the root cause.

For example, a splash leak might only demand shower curtain replacement. If that doesn’t work, homeowners could remove and reapply a caulking agent around the shower door and tub. Replacing worn-out shower door gaskets and weatherstripping also works. And so does a new shower frame installation.

If the leak occurs in the bathroom faucet, you can replace worn-out washers or a damaged pipe or faucet. It’s a similar fix for leaky bathroom sink faucets.

If you’re not confident about isolating the leaky issue, our bathroom specialists can help zero in on the problem and offer more appropriate and permanent solutions. 


How to fix the leak in my shower?

The shower has several components embedded in the wall, requiring you to access them by cutting through the drywall. This step is necessary to determine the exact cause of a leaky shower and apply the most appropriate fix.

Disassemble the shower and examine the components or parts for signs of deterioration or damage. For example, loose threads, a chipped shower arm, a defective valve, or a broken pipe could be the reason for the leak.

Fixing a leaky shower requires replacing the defective or problematic component, although some homeowners prefer changing the whole system. Whatever the case, you must reassemble the unit with the parts in their correct positions and order to avoid future leaks. 

The process can be tedious and offers no guarantee of a leak-free shower afterward. Our shower specialists can eliminate such uncertainties and return your shower to full functionality, leak-free. 


Where do you operate?

We operate in the Australian Capital Territory, from Belconnen, Canberra Central, Gungahlin, Jerrabomberra, Molonglo Valley, Tuggeranong, Weston Creek, Woden Valley, North and South Canberra. Stellar Bathrooms also serves clients in surrounding areas.

If you want to avail our stellar bathroom, ensuite, and laundry renovation services but are unsure whether we cover your location, contact us at (02) 6255-9962.


Do you offer warranty?

Yes, Stellar Bathrooms guarantee our workmanship for 12 months and waterproofing performance for ten years. Getting the peace of mind you deserve after a bathroom, ensuite, or laundry renovation project is spot-on with our unparalleled attention to detail.

Leaky connections will never be your concern because our technicians only use proven waterproof materials. Moreover, we never leave a project without conducting a thorough test and evaluation. Confidence in your bathroom, ensuite, and laundry’s optimum functioning is our guarantee.


Am I safe from Silicosis if I renovate?

Yes, you should not worry about having silicate particles in your lungs and airways if you execute a DIY bathroom, laundry, or ensuite renovation. After all, you will not spend many days exposing yourself to such particulates and other potentially harmful substances.

However! You must wear the correct gear to protect you against these Silicosis-producing substances. For instance, a high-particulate mask should give an effective barrier against these particles from entering the nose, airways, and lungs.

We recommend our bathroom renovation technicians and specialists to handle your project if you’re concerned about Silicosis. Stellar Bathrooms uphold the highest standards of protecting our staff and clients from Silica exposure. But if you’d like more information, read this.


How to renovate on a budget?

Renovating a bathroom is a big-ticket project, which can run to thousands of dollars. However, you can observe several tricks and hacks to reduce project costs without undermining your vision for the bathroom, laundry, or ensuite.  Everything has a budget-friendly alternative, including bathroom fixtures, elements, and objects.


While we whole-heartedly believe in quality and precision in our trades, at Stellar we pride ourselves on our transparent processes. We will be open in our discussions with you about costs and give you our best cost-savings suggestions. From there we can work out the best way to move forward on a budget you are comfortable with.



How many days do I need to renovate or remodel the bathroom?

Here’s a tip. Professionals can renovate a bathroom within several days to a few weeks. So, if you’re doing it yourself, you’re looking at a potentially longer project completion.

Renovating or remodelling bathrooms DIY style depends on your skill level, how you envision the finished project, and what processes you must execute to reach the goal. 

Will you tear down the bathroom, move the debris outside, and transport it to an appropriate dumping area? Do you have highly-efficient tools, equipment, and materials to complete the job within days? And if you missed a spot, you’ll redo everything.


How can I make our bathroom “look bigger?”

You can observe a few hacks or tricks to create an illusion of a much larger bathroom. A classic choice would be to add full-length mirrors or reflective elements spanning the room’s vertical dimensions (i.e., from floor to ceiling). This trick should make the bathroom look more spacious. Alternatively, installing bathroom accessories (i.e., wall decors, organisers, and caddies) higher will free the bottom space, making it seem larger. Narrow tallboys can also work.


How can I minimise bathroom maintenance or make cleaning more efficient?


Larger bathroom elements (i.e., wall and floor tiles) translate to fewer objects to clean, allowing you to cut maintenance requirements in half. You can also use floating bathroom vanities, making their bottoms and surroundings easier to clean. 

Frameless shower screens and ceramic bathroom items are low-maintenance objects you can add to your bathroom.

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